Table of Contents

  1. Map of Market

  2. Tips & Considerations

  3. Passive Screening

  4. Washroom, Water & ATM Access

  5. Masks 

  6. Pets

  7. Payment Options, Pre-Orders, Delivery

1) Map(s) of Market

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INSIDE MARKET: new map coming soon!

2) Helpful Tips & Considerations

  • We are lucky to be surrounded by a huge park! You are welcome to stay to eat and socialize during your stay. Picnic tables and bistro tables are on site for your use. Or bring a blanket! 

3) Passive Screening

  • Do not attend market if you are experiencing any covid symptoms as listed by KFL&A Public Health

4) Eating & Drinking on Site 

  • Consuming food or drink at market is now permitted.
  • Sampling is permitted

5) Washroom, Water & ATM Access

  • Washrooms, Water Station & ATM are now open in the Memorial Centre. There is signage on site or check at the market information booth for access. 

6) Masks and Distancing

  • Masks or other face coverings are now up to the customer or vendor.
  • Be kind to others! Some of us will wear masks, while others won’t.

7) Pets

  • Leashed & well trained pets are still welcome at market
  • Staff and volunteers reserve the right to ask someone to leave if a pet is causing problems.

8) Payment Options, Pre-Orders, Delivery

  • Each individual vendor has their own policies in these areas.
  • Please see the Who’s at Market? page for a summary of payment options, pre-orders, and delivery.