Table of Contents

  1. Map of Market

  2. Tips & Considerations

  3. Active & Passive Screening

  4. Eating & Drinking on Site **Updated!

  5. Washroom, Water & ATM Access

  6. Masks & Distancing

  7. Pets

  8. Payment Options, Pre-Orders, Delivery

  9. Right to Remove

1) Map(s) of Market

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2) Helpful Tips & Considerations

  • We are lucky to be surrounded by a huge park! If you’d like to stay to eat and socialize during your stay, please do so outside the main market shopping area.

3) Active & Passive Screening

  • Do not attend market if you are experiencing any covid symptoms as listed by KFL&A Public Health
  • Do not attend market if you have been in recent contact with a suspected or confirmed covid case
  • Passive screening for all customers upon arrival
  • Active screening for all staff, volunteers and vendors is conducted upon arrival

4) Eating & Drinking on Site *Updated Aug. 12

  • Consuming food or drink at market is now permitted in the following circumstances:
    • When seated and actively eating/drinking. Picnicing is encouraged!
    • When sampling product.
  • However…
    • To ensure it doesn’t get too crowded, picnicing outside the market area is preferred if you are able.
    • Please leave benches open for those with mobility issues.
  • Removing your mask for a quick sip of water is fine. Please sanitize your hands before and after touching your mask

5) Washroom, Water & ATM Access

  • Washrooms, Water Station & ATM are now open via the Aqua Park entrance at the EAST side of the Memorial Centre.
  • At the Northeast entrance is a water bottle refill station.
  • We are working with city staff on accessing closer public washroom access as soon as possible.

6) Masks and Distancing

  • Masks or other face coverings, worn correctly covering both the nose and chin are required to enter
  • Customers who self-report a medical exemption are required to maintain 2m distance from others at all times during their stay

7) Pets

  • Leashed & well trained pets are still welcome at market
  • Staff and volunteers reserve the right to ask someone to leave if a pet is causing problems.

8) Payment Options, Pre-Orders, Delivery

  • Each individual vendor has their own policies in these areas.
  • Please see the Who’s at Market? page for a summary of payment options, pre-orders, and delivery.

9) Right to Remove

  • Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market staff have the right to ask anyone to leave if they are not properly following covid-safety measures or behaving disrespectfully to others.