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23&co is a small batch, hand crafted gourmet chocolate chip cookie company that originated on Lake Opinicon in the Rideau Lakes.
Owner, Krista Gill began baking chocolate chip cookies on game days for her husband, Todd, as a pregame snack. It became a game day ritual that would last for the 19 years Todd played in the NHL. She baked them for birthdays, team parties, showers, and charity events. She always thought when her hubby hung up his skates she could pursue her dream. Todd has long since retired and their four children are grown. Krista has decided to bring her cookie dream to a reality. 23 and Co. plays homage to Todd and his jersey number 23.
23 and Co. is a unique sweet cookie story the cookies are gourmet, handcrafted, next level chocolate chip cookies. The starting lineup consists of a variety of six chocolate chip cookies. The flavours are inspired by family members and fond memories. The box is gourmet, and giftgiving ready.