Bee Happy Honey specializes in honey, beeswax candles, honey comb, hand cream, and more!

I started beekeeping with my ex-husband in 1992 with twelve hives. Eventually, that partnership ran it’s course. After taking over the business, my first plan of action was to change the name to Bee Happy Honey. In time, I started to sell my honey at a few shows.

I met my current partner Walter in 2011 and he seemed interested. Although he doesn’t like getting stung, he helped out with the field trips and extracting honey.

Then, my best bee keeper friend Kathy phoned me a told me she was asked to sell her honey at a new farmers market in Kingston – she declined as she didn’t have enough honey but told me – Elaine, if you want to get this thing going – you go and sell your honey at the market.

So – Walter and I packed up the truck with a table or two, a tent frame and an orange tarp……and we sold our honey at the Memorial Centre Farmer’s market.

The rest,as we say, is history!

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