The ideas for were conceived almost 20 years ago. We have a history of eating clean and healthy, simply by default. Growing up we ate from our family gardens and raised our own animals for meat. Canning and freezing allowed us to eat this way all year long.

Weekends were often spent preparing frozen meals for those times when we couldn’t make fresh meals. We often found that we would bring these meals to friends and family who were sick or recuperating, or to our grandparents.

Years later we found it difficult to source grass only beef and pasture raised heritage pork, organic chicken, and vegetables that were grown clean, without chemical fertilizers or sprays. Let alone trying to find frozen prepared foods and meals that were made with these meats and local, natural or organic vegetables. They simply were not available.

We believe that clean food is so important that eventually we bought our farm in Campbellford, Kingsholm Farms, and began farming full time.

We started going to markets, Kevin with our grass only beef and pasture raised heritage pork, and Margo with baking and fresh prepared foods. Both markets were successful, but we found that more and more people were after prepared foods. so we began developing frozen prepared foods. We started with family recipes and expanded on them and developed some originals of our own.

Chicken pot pie is the most popular, so we started there. Never liked the bottom and side crust because it takes up room and the texture is always gluey. So we simply didn’t use crust anywhere but on the top. We started with organic breasts and thighs, organic vegetables and gravy, and made our crust from our own rendered lard, the rest is history!

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