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Darin and Deb Kelly, currently of Kingston, Ontario, began market gardening in 2006, eventually developing their first farm in the United States into a hydroponic greenhouse and field-grown tomato farm.  They began testing mushrooms and studying mushroom cultivation in 2014, adding that to their farm in the States.  In 2017, they sold their farm in Indiana to another grower, and returned to Ontario to focus full-time on mushroom cultivation.  Currently, their focus is on oyster, shiitake, lion’s mane, maitake, cordyceps, wine cap, reishi, and turkey tail production.  Formerly Kelly’s Gourmet Mushrooms, now they are doing business as The Fungi Connection.

Website: www.thefungiconnection.com

Email: darin@kellysgourmetmushrooms.ca

Phone: 613-532-6025

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