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Heritage Taste and Organic Quality, Delivered Right to Your Neighbourhood! 100% Grass-fed Organic Beef, not grass-finished., Organic Pastured Pork & Poultry. Experience the heritage taste today!

Looking for quality meat that is produced with the highest standards in mind?  Want to buy sausages and bacon from farms that don’t pollute the landscape and destroy local watersheds?  Rest assured, here at Heriter Farms we take being organic very serious and still follow the Canadian Organic Standards for meat production, even though we have chosen not to be certified any longer, we continue to operate with the organic standards as our guide, so you can rest assured your meat remains as clean and healthy as always. Our goal is to heal and regenerate the land that our meat is raised on, while respecting and cherishing the animals that provide it.

We NEVER use: antibiotics, hormones or steroids.  We NEVER clip teeth or perform unnecessary procedures.  We ALWAYS give lots of love and respect to our critters, and thank them daily for the bounty of nutrition and energy they provide.  Our bodies need fuel and protein, and getting it from foods that are grown and produced ethically is why we can feel good about what we do.  Our goal is to foster sustainability, ethical livestock treatment, regenerative land care, and to leave the planet better than the way we found it.  Thank you for supporting your local farms.

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Patrick Galpin & Valencia Bedard
41 Asselstine Road, Marlbank, ON K0K 2L0
PHONE: 613-478-6039 TEXT: 613-970-6633

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