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This is me, Leanne and my cute puppy Birch, and as you can tell by his name; we are nature nerds!

Without a purpose, I had been collecting flowers, leaves and petals and pressing them in books for years.

Recently, I opened some of those books and found inspiration! The beauty was completely intact and the colours were vibrant. The books were each from different places and times in my life; living in California, trips through British Columbia, farming in Ontario and now Calgary. With all the pressed plants in front of me I effortlessly started to arrange the petals in a geometric pattern from the middle and building outwards. I really love symmetry and creating this art gives me a lot of satisfaction. The piece behind me in this picture was the first one I ever made and ignited the addiction of arranging the plants in eye catching designs. I like to experiment with different styles and currently have ‘the kaleidoscope’, ‘the spiral’ and ‘the wallpaper’. I like to use fabric and wooden canvas and picture frames to design my art on and will hopefully be experimenting with other things in the future.

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