Bonniespring is the name of a farm in rural Kingston, Ontario that has been the homestead of the McNinch family for four generations. It has come to include multiple sites along Middle Road, with over 200 acres of forest and field. The name “Bonniespring” comes from the beautiful spring that bubbles up from the rocks behind the 19th century farmhouse, and runs as a whimsical creek in the surrounding woods.

Inhabitants past and present have inscribed the landscape of Bonniespring with names. Winding forest trails, rocky outcroppings, crossings over water, fields, houses and barns, all have their beloved nicknames and unique monikers. The “Secret Field” is so called because it is tucked away, surrounded on all sides by forest. We chose this long oval-shaped field with sloping sides as the home for the first plantings of our lavender farm.

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