The Kitchen Garden is a small scale Biodynamic vegetable farm located in Wilton, Ontario run by Evan Quigley and Megan Hamilton with their infant son Espen. The farm is situated on 10 acres with wonderful biodiversity, deep sandy soils just 25 minutes by car from downtown Kingston. Our mission it to to grow the best tasting, highest quality, nutrient dense, organic produce as efficiently and productively as possible. 

We are obsessed with soil. Soil is living and dynamic. We’ve seen first hand that a healthy plant growing in a truly healthy soil will not be plagued by pests or disease. The more successful we are at building and balancing our soil the better the plant may nourish us. The benefits don’t end there. We have observed fewer weeds in our fields and much greater yields of higher quality produce. A small, well managed farm can be incredibly productive!

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