Memorial Centre Farmers' Market in Kingston, Ontario
The Memorial Centre Farmers' market began in 2012 as a collaboration between local farmers and the Williamsville Neighbourhood Association to increase access to local food and bring new life to the Kingston Memorial Centre grounds.



303 York St.

COVID Measures: Short Version **Aug 12 Update

  1. Please do not attend market if you are experiencing any symptoms or have been in recent contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID case.
  2. **Consuming food & beverages inside the market is now permitted when seated & sampling product.
    • Picnicing is encouraged!
    • Please leave benches open for those with mobility issues.
  3. Indoor washrooms & water bottle refills are accessible via the Aqua Park entrance. See map if you’re not sure how to find it.
  4. Masks and social distancing are required on site.
    • Those with medical mask exemptions are required to maintain 2m distance from others throughout their stay.
  5. Leashed pets are still permitted on site.
  6. See the Who’s at Market? page for pre-order and payment options.
  7. Staff and volunteers reserve the right to ask attendees to leave in situations where safety measures are repeatedly being ignored.
  • The busiest times at market are between 9-10am. To avoid the crowd, place pre-orders when possible for pick-up in the afternoon.
  • To prevent long line-ups, consider sending one person per household, or group, to do the shopping for others.
  • We are lucky to be surrounded by a huge park! If you’d like to remain on-site to socialize afterwards, please do so outside the main market shopping area.

Need more specifics? See the Detailed Version here.

See the May 18th Announcement here.

2021 Memorial Centre Farmers Market Whos at Market
Who’s at Market?

This is THE place to find vendor listings including bios, payment options, pre-order & delivery options, contact info & more!

Faded image of market vendor and shopper on a sunny day. They demonstrate appropriate distancing measures. Superimposed text reads "covid measures"

To ensure a safe & efficient shopping experience, please see our detailed tips & policies here.


We’re giving away over $1500 in prizes throughout the month of September! Full announcement here.

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