About the Market

The Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market is 100% producer-run – meaning we are governed by a volunteer board of directors which meets throughout the year. We are known formally as the Farmers Market Association Kingston and we are here to get you eating and enjoying agricultural, craft and ready-to-eat products!

Established in 2012.

In 2012, we were founded to increase access to sustainably-produced, local foods in Kingston. We were initiated by farmers, in collaboration with the Williamsville Community Association. All products are grown and produced in the Kingston foodshed – within about 100km of the market.

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Shopping at our market helps to realize the goals of the Farmers’ Market Association of Kingston:

  • building the food security of Kingston ON – making Kingston less reliant on food from afar
  • offering a uniquely producer-run market – increasing resilience of our food system
  • creating an opportunity for local farmers to market products – supporting local farms and farming families
  • providing the freshest, most nutrient-rich agricultural products for eaters who shop here

WPBS Inside the Stories – Market feature starts at 7:10!

MCFM is a member of Farmers’ Markets Ontario, and a Sustainable Kingston partner.