Welcome to the Farmers’ Market F.A.Q!

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Yes! We are open every single Sunday, rain, snow or shine, year round – with the exception of the first two Sundays after Christmas and Easter Sunday.

That said! On the very rare occasion (such as extreme weather) this schedule is subject to change. Schedules special events & holiday hours can be found here. Last-minute updates can be found on our social media pages.

Our Vendors Page lists all of our members. While some of our members attend every single week all year long, many of them are seasonal or only attend occasionally.

Each Friday we e-mail a list of who is attending market each week to our subscribers. You can subscribe to that newsletter here.

Free outdoor Yoga & Tai Chi programming runs Victoria Day weekend through Thanksgiving. Samatva Yoga runs a one hour class at 10am and the local chapter of the Canadian Tai Chi Academy runs their class at 11am. Both classes are weather dependent. If the grass is especially soggy or it is actively raining, yoga will be cancelled. If it is actively raining, Tai Chi will be cancelled.

Yes! Please be sure to use a short leash and keep your pet at least a few feet away from tables containing food or fragile items. Be aware of your dogs body language! Dogs that are friendly in general may still get anxious or upset in large crowds. We have a whole page full of tips (and cute dog pics!) for those looking to learn more about market dogs.


All vendors at our market are members of Farmers’ Market Association Kingston. To become a members, we have two basic requirements before you apply:

  1. All products must be grown, made, or prepared within approximately 100km of Kingston.
  2. All products you must be hand made by yourself or your staff.

If both of these statements apply to your products, great! You are invited to apply at any time of year, but please know what we only review new applications three times per year.

Please note that we have limitations on how many vendors we can have within each category, which means we can accept only so many food court vendors, only so many crafters, bakers, jewelry, sweets, and so on. The most current listing of which categories we are accepting can be found on the “Become a Vendor” page.

However! If you are offering agricultural products that we currently do not already have represented at market (for example: graded eggs, hard cheeses, frozen & chopped produce, fish, winter-greenhouse produce, etc.) we encourage you to get in touch right away- if there is room we may be able to get you in sooner.

The biggest reason we decline applications is because they don’t qualify to be members (See Can I sell at your Market? above) or because their application was incomplete.

Before sending in your application, please make sure to go over all the requirements listed on the application before submitting.

The second biggest reason we decline applications is because of the definition of a Farmers’ Market as laid out by OMAFRA (the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) which requires us to be a minimum of 51% agricultural vendors (farms).

This means that the other 49% of our vendors must be able to fit in all the other categories that are not farms:

  • Bakeries
  • Crafters
  • Clothing
  • Personal Care Products
  • Food Court
  • Pet stuff
  • and so on…

So to make sure we don’t have 49 jewellers and 51 farmers, we have limitations on how many vendors we can have within each category, which means we can accept only so many of each category. It helps keeps our market in a good balance and ensures that we don’t have more vendos than can be supported by our customers.

Those decisions are made by our 100% unpaid, volunteer board of directors who meet regularly to look over each and every application we receive, as well as make other important decisions about our operations. We appreciate your feedback any time via the Contact Us page.

As our market grows, or occasionally as vendors move on, more spots will become available. So if you qualify to be at our market and were turned down once, we encourage you to keep re-applying!