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About Us
Haymaker’s Coffee Co. is a small-batch coffee roaster on Wolfe Island owned and operated by Alix Carr-Harris, Sietse Hylkema and their two excellent boys, Reacher and Scout. They roast single origin, microlot coffees because microlots are high quality beans that produce dynamic, beautiful flavours and they can be traced back to the farm that passionately produced them.
The joy for Alix and Sietse is to roast the kind of coffee that makes you want to slow down and connect with yourself, with your people or with a moment. They are inspired by the beauty of Wolfe island and by the rad humans of their eclectic community and they seek every opportunity to connect with both.
Microlot coffees are exceptional coffees sourced from passionate and innovative producers who are dedicated to the craft of coffee. These high-end and often limited edition coffees reflect the extra planning, effort. labour and attention to detail required by the farmers who produce them. Some of the microlots we offer will be certified fair trade and/or organic.
It is often the case that microlot coffee producers will practice organic farming (such as our current Costa Rica) but not invest into the certification. In pursuit of sustainable packaging, we currently package our coffee in Omnidegradeable bags from TekPak Solutions, a plastics alternative company from Hamilton Ontario. As our adventure in coffee roasting unfolds, we will continue to pursue those practices that put people and planet first.
Contact: Alix Carr-Harris & Sietse Hylkema
Address: Wolfe Island Wolfe Island, ON,

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